Mara Moja – Music Open Mic @ Kavka – Season #1

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Deadline 15.06.23

The first 'only music' open mic in Antwerp supporting the talent of upcoming singer-songwriters and musicians!

Mara Moja – Music Open Mic @ Kavka – Season #1

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Mara Moja Sessions

It's about time for the last edition of this first season in Kavka!

Join us at Mara Moja ~ Music Open Mic on Thursday 22 June, discover some local talent and take over the stage yourself!

Booked acts for this edition are What Sarah Said, kingsblu and The Girl Who Once Was

It was never easy to make a choice since we had lots of applications from lot of talented singer-songwriters.

Thanks to all of you for sending your music through, don't hesitate to apply for the next events :)


mara moja xx

What Sarah Said

Dromerige, melancholische indie pop. Intuïtief geserveerd. Een ode aan kwetsbaarheid en de zoektocht naar verbinding. Druilerig, maar liefdevol.


Antwerpse indie/electropop gedreven door synthesizers en herkenbare teksten.

The Girl Who Once Was

"Indringende vocals."

EMILINE to the rescue!

Unfortunately What Sarah Said had to cancel her show tonight, but the super talented EMILINE came to the rescue and will play a set at Mara Moja tonight! *.*

Be ready for some contagious pop tunes!


Catchy melodies + FUNique lyrics + Artsy make-up = EMILINE

Lovely folks,

The edition coming on 25th May is a special one!

Come and take your seats in the very first rows, cause we have a FULL FEMALE line up for you! The booked acts for this edition are: Audri, Rosie Stuart and What Sarah Said <3

3 talented singer-songwriters with beautiful voices and each with their special, individual energy on stage.

Don't miss this!

And of course in between the booked acts you can come sign up for the open mic and play yourself :)


songwriter, instrumentalist, singer, producer

Rosie Stuart

Ingetogen poprock

Wow wow wow

We had no doubts these were going to be the main acts for the next edition in Kavka Oudaan on Thursday 27th April!

It Was A Storm, L.I.N.A.R.D and Neo Minor are the chosen ones :)

As always, in between anyone can get on stage, so don't be late! Sign up from 19:30 the evening itself.

xx Mara Moja xx

It Was A Storm

Music is light, with all kinds of colours. Let me create a spectrum. With you.


Gewapend met gitaar en stem neemt hij je mee in zijn wereld van melancholie, weemoed en hoop.

Neo Minor

Dreamy soundpop

Another edition of MARA MOJA Music Open Mic is coming!

And of course we booked some great acts for you!

For this edition: Ellis Mane, Jim Cain and Jessica Bouhez are going to delight us with their own music.

And of course.. YOU on Kavka's stage?! In between/after booked acts anyone can get on stage and play a couple of songs.

Welcome to sign up for the open mic the evening itself, starting from 19u30 :)

See you all there xx

Jim Cain

Jim Cain, alias Michiel Vaernewyck, is een singer-songwriter uit het Gentse in de stijl van Dylan, Springsteen en Young.

Ellis Mane

Hi, I'm Ellis Mane. Nice to meet you.

Jessica Bouhez

Ontdek de zoete pop wereld van Jessica Bouhez (23), opkomend Antwerpse artieste met een unieke eigen stijl.

Another great evening is coming!

Be ready to dance, sing and clap your hands!

Music by our booked acts for this edition: Mr. Autumn, WAAN and Blakefield

And of course.. YOU on Kavka's stage?! In between booked acts anyone can get on stage and play a couple of songs.

Welcome to sign up for the open mic the evening itself :)

See you all there xx

Mr. Autumn

Half Chileense singer-songwriter uit Gent die een mix van dreampop en folk maakt.


Acoustic love with an electric edge - Blakefield is het geesteskind van zanger/gitarist John Blakefield, bijgestaan door bassist Bart Hens & drummer Sven Lories


Nederlandstalige muziek, eigenzinnige teksten / Alternatieve rock & spacey folk

See you next week with a brand new 2023 edition of Mara Moja ~ Music Open Mic!

The booked act for this edition are Zeno Vandaele, Georgy Chtchevaev and Polymelia!

Don't miss it!

Georgy Chtchevaev

Genderidentiteit, queerness, technologie. Op het kruispunt tussen theater, drag, beeldende kunst en muziek bevind Georgy zich op uniek multidisciplinair terrein


Psychedelische ambient pop met traditionele elementen. Voor fans van Animal Collective, Tangerine Dream, La Monte Young en Dijf Sanders

Thanks everyone for sending out your best tunes!

It was a hard work, but we finally chose our 3 booked acts for the very first edition of Mara Moja ~ Music Open Mic in Kavka Oudaan!

Rubus, Gos Rosling and Lise Daelemans (UMM) will take over the stage on the evening of Thursday 15th December and drag us into their music world.

Remember anyone is welcome to sign up the evening itself for the open mic and bring 1 or 2 songs on stage.

Sign up from 7pm

Event from 8pm

Be there!


Mara Moja xx

Lise Daelemans (UMM)

Frontvrouw van UMM, producer, songwriter.

Gos Rosling

Gos Rosling, a 26 year young but old soul. Writing and performing songs from the heart. Sad sense of humor, poetry inspired lyrics, melancholy to the bone.


Alt-pop / Pop-rock van Antwerpen