RAUW! hiphop open mic #2 @ Het Depot

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Deadline 13.12.23

RAUW!, an open mic specifically for hip-hop creatives among us.

RAUW! hiphop open mic #2 @ Het Depot

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Het Depot


RAUW! is an open mic specifically for the hip-hop creatives among us. You got some beats and bursting lyrics in your veins that need to splash out?

Het Depot, BURn Leuven, Sarah Bekambo, Fred Gata, Bex and Dj Dysfunkshunal join forces and give you the opportunity to let young hip-hop talent do their thing on our stage. Want to show us what you got? You got 15 minutes to show off your skills.

Now what about the program itself? Our RAUW! nights always take place on the second Thursday of the month:

  • 12 October 2023
  • 9 November 2023
  • 14 December 2023

Inspire, engage and enthrall our audience with what you got. Get ready to be showered in an evening packed with all things hip-hop. Apply now and see you there.


  • Doelgroep: we zoeken soloartiesten en bands uit Vlaanderen en Brussel
  • Genres: hiphop
  • Gevraagd: basisinfo, e-mail, telefoon, 2 tracks, 1 afbeelding, naam groepsleden, instrument groepsleden, leeftijd groepsleden, geslacht groepsleden en locatie groepsleden
  • Vergoeding: geen