Belgian instrumental rock collective with a wide array of influences, from post-rock to post-metal, and from blues rock to classical guitar music.

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    • Post-metal
    • Instrumental rock
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  • Leuven


Formed in 2016, the Belgian six-piece rose from obscurity in just a few years with the release of The Cenozoic Implosion in April 2018. Since then, the band has played live incessantly in support of the release, touring in and around Belgium and playing at dunk!festival in 2019. In 2022 WANHEDA released their debut full-length album Desert of Real continuing their penchant for scrutinising mankind’s vanity and egocentrism, of which we had a first taste on The Cenozoic Explosion. Now with Desert of Real, WANHEDA have seriously stepped up their game, and penned 11 vibrant compositions that combine the oriental wistful melodies of MONO and Wang Wen with the confidence and energy of American post-rock acts like This Will Destroy You and Caspian. Focusing on the theme of addiction to technology and social media, Desert of Real uses the story of the Judgement of Paris as an allegory of the throes of technology and the self-obsession it induces. In spite of its well-defined storyline, Desert of Real shows WANHEDA’s determination to leave the listener to their own conclusions. Desert of Real presents incredible variety of feelings and emotions that feels only suitable to a complex topic like addiction.

Like contemporary opera directors, WANHEDA take a classic story and let it take place in a modern setting, making its subject matter all the more relevant and real to the public. Ranging from ominous to deceptively beautiful Desert of Real takes the listener through a vast range of moods that find their reflection in a wide array of influences, from traditional post-rock to post-metal, and from blues rock to classical guitar music.




  • Jan Boucké

    • 32
    • Mechelen (BE)


  • Jan Verduyckt

    • 35
    • Mechelen, België


  • Nick Van Vynckt

    • 31
    • Lubbeek, België


  • Nico Camps

    • 47
    • 3990 Peer, België


  • Jasper Simon

    • 30
    • Rotselaar (BE)


  • Jan Peeters

    • 31
    • Gent, België




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