Mara Moja Sessions – Open Mic in Antwerp

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Deadline 01.01.70

Welcome to the first ONLY-MUSIC open mic in Antwerp! Every 4th Wednesday of the month, you are very welcome to join us in Magiq Bosbar at Noordkasteel-oost!

Mara Moja Sessions – Open Mic in Antwerp

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Mara Moja Sessions


Mara Moja Sessions is back! For this summer every fourth wednesday of the month, you are very welcome to join us in our special summer venue: the Magiq Bosbar at Noordkasteel-oost!

Come enjoy a new different experience and share your music and talent with a special audience!

For every edition there are going to be 3 special acts booked and chosen by our fine ears to share with you their personal lyrics and music.

In between these 3 acts, the podium is open for everyone! You can sign up sending an e-mail to Signing up on the night itself is also possible, between 19:30 and 20:30.

You can prepare up to 3 songs, but the space that is going to be given to every person depends on how many people are going to sign up on the night itself.

We want to try to give space to as many people as possible, so please keep in mind that:

  • First-time open mic-ers have priority;
  • If there’s a lot of people signed up, we will ask you to play just one song, or you will get around 5 minutes.

Be aware of that and please respect the space of everyone :).

For those signing up for the open mic: re-interpretations of others’ songs (let’s not use the term ‘covers’!) is accepted, but we highly encourage you to share your own material!

Very important: some ‘corona tips’

  • If you have an OWN MIC, please bring it!
  • Bring your instrument, unfortunately we can’t give you any
  • The stage is outside, there are a lot of tables where you can sit with your friends
  • No groups of more than 15 people
  • Please respect the social distancing as much as you can :)

What else?

Cosy and fun for kids?... Checked! Foodtruck with yummy food? ... Checked!

Signing up as ‘booked act’ is possible :). Sign up here, we are going to try to give you a space in one of the next editions!

Next edition: wednesday 26th August


  • Doelgroep: we zoeken soloartiesten en bands uit Antwerpen
  • Genres: hiphop, pop, rock, traditioneel, funk/soul, jazz, reggae en blues
  • Gevraagd: basisinfo, e-mail, telefoon, bio, 3 tracks, 1 afbeelding, 1 vraag, naam groepsleden en instrument groepsleden
  • Vergoeding: geen