Elis Floreen

Elis Floreen

I write songs.

    • Jazz
    • Pop
    • Indie Pop
    • Singer-songwriter
    • Singer-songwriter
    • Producer
    • Solo
  • Hechtel-Eksel


Hello and welcome to my bio. I’m Elis Floreen, your hairdresser’s worst nightmare and I hate recording vocals in jeans. Before I’m 30 I want a dog and a dishwasher, I change my hairstyle about every 3 months, I sometimes have dreams about Cate Blanchett coming to kidnap me and we fall in love, I'm a part-time Copenhagen inhabitant, I used to dress up as Jack Sparrow and ... I make songs about anything and everything!




  • Marijke

    • 29
    • Gent (BE)

    Toetsen - Gitaar - Stem


  • muziekcentrum Dranouter - Support Isbells

  • Gregor Samsa

    Gent, België

  • Sound Track Finale - C-Mine

    3600 Genk, België

  • Sound Track voorronde - Jeugdhuis De Plug

    Leopoldsburg, België

  • CPH Jazz Festival 2023 - Brønshøj Vandtårn


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