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Benjamin, singer and rapper, and Benoît, guitarist, pianist and composer, have decided to merge their universes into an urban electro rock sound with paced rap and melodious pop nuances.

In 2020, they release the video of their demo Kyoto Joke and enter the studio for their first album Soul Banger.

Like the bear banger used to warn bears of the presence of men, Digital Donkeys wants to provoke the awakening of sleeping souls, symbolized by their donkeys, through an intense musical journey and second degree lyrics.

The 1st single Justice Park reaches 1st place of Radio Belgique FM TOP 40 and the album 1st place of TOP 30 and TOP 10 BELGE of Music In Belgium after a flattering review. Already available for streaming, the album release party will take place on 17 September 2022 at the Chênée Cultural Center!


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