Digital Donkeys

Digital Donkeys

Belgian urban electro rock duo with paced rap and melodious pop nuances.

    • Rock
    • Alternative
    • Urban electro rock
    • Band
  • Brussel-Stad


Benjamin, singer and rapper, and Benoît, guitarist, pianist and composer, have decided to merge their universes into Urban Electro Rock with paced rap and melodious pop nuances.

Their goal is clear: to agitate and entertain the crowd like during the release party of their first album Soul Banger at the Centre Culturel de Chênée end 2022, to discover in an aftermovie and an interview.

Like the bear banger used to warn bears of the presence of men, this album wants to provoke the awakening of sleeping souls through an intense musical journey and second degree lyrics.

The 1st single Justice Park reaches 1st place of Radio Belgique FM TOP 40 and, like the 2nd single Kyoto Joke, is broadcast on Belgian and foreign radio and integrates dozens of Spotify playlists.

The album reaches 1st place of TOP 30 & TOP 10 BELGE of Music In Belgium after a flattering review, is included in the webzine of Homecooking Share « Indé sur le Pouce #14 » and has already generated thousands of streams by hundreds of listeners in more than thirty different countries!




  • Benjamin Daenen

    • 41
    • Bruxelles (BE)


  • Benoît Lemaire

    • 39
    • Liège (BE)

    Toetsen - Gitaar - Stem



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