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When Neckbreaker quit his former band Cordania in 2009 he decided he needed something more “Thrashy”. With the idea of starting a Thrash Metal band he contacted Dr. Carnage whom he met on a social network through some Kreator lyrics. Together with drummer Tom who quit Deserter after 3 months they met in the middle of nowhere and started writing riffs, which you can still hear in songs today, like “Thrashin’ ‘till Hell (And Beyond)”. After Tom quit Dr. Carnage and Neckbreaker kept on writing songs, and only after they had written 8 songs they decided to start the search for the rest of the line-up. It was not long before Neckbreaker met Bassbeast whom he had seen already in the Hellgium (Belgium) metalscéne but had no idea he played bass guitar. The day he found out he played bass was on a Kreator gig in 2010. When he saw Bassbeast sing along all the oldschool Kreator songs he was like “This guy must play in my band!”. Not much later he did an audition and passed without a problem! About half a year later in 2011 Neckbreaker re-met Rüdmeister, a drummer from the hometown of Neckbreaker. Rüdmeister did an audition and this party animal passed!

-2011 the Deserter line-up was complete-

Between that day and November 2012 Deserter did a shitload of gigs, recorded their demo “Beauty In Chaos” and their debut album “Chernobyl’s Beauty” and had a shitload of fun and shitty moments while doing it. Unfortunately the shitty moments began to weigh down on the fun moments. In November 2012 Deserter and Rüdmeister parted ways, but we will never forget all the legendary nights out we had with him and hope there will be more!

But Deserter didn’t want to be on hold while looking for a drummer so before Deserter and Rüdmeister parted ways they started to make preparations. Neckbreaker’s little brother went to a new school where he saw an older guy (older to him) wearing a Kreator shirt. When talking to that guy’s little brother he was told that his brother was a drummer. With that information he walked up to his big brother. Arrangements were made, an audition was planned and in November 2012 we welcomed Blastbeat Bastard behind the drums. A younger but extremely passionate and skilled Metal Maniac from BxHell (Brussels).

With a new line-up, already new songs to rehearse and new songs in the making we are ready to conquer Belgium, Europe and the World! Behold our global Teutonic Thrash Metal Assault!




  • Robin D.C.

    • 30
    • Oudenaarde (BE)


  • Thomas V.B.

    • 33
    • Ninove (BE)


  • Sander V.

    • 28
    • Brussel (BE)


  • Yacine J. M.

    • 30
    • Brussel (BE)

    Gitaar - zang


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