VAAG OUTDOOR 2023 Afterparty

111 inzendingen

Deadline 27.08.23

Take your shot and open the afterparty of VAAG OUTDOOR 2023 before the likes of KØZLØV, VOLUNT BARBATI & NOVAH.

VAAG OUTDOOR 2023 Afterparty

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Club Vaag

Winner VAAG Outdoor Afterparty Contest

After careful consideration, we’ve chosen Nastya Dikikh as the winner of our contest.

Contratulations, you will be opening the afterparty alongside Køzløv, Volunt Barbati and Novah.

As there were a lot of good submissions, we’ve decided to give the top five a booking on our Techno Thursdays forthcoming season in Club Vaag.

  • Nastya Dikikh
  • Riana Holley
  • Chelle
  • Myrthe Hoessels
  • Verbøv

We’ll get in touch soon!

Nastya Dikikh

Myrthe Hoessels



Riana Holley