Nastya Dikikh

Nastya Dikikh

Bring on the night, it's time to dance.

    • Trance
    • Acid
    • Techno
    • Hard Techno
    • DJ
  • Nieuwpoort


Nastya Dikikh is a Belgian dj currently residing in Sydney, Australia.

The musical selection in her sets always brings high energy, strong kicks and fast paced, euphoric sounds.

Nastya started exploring the underground electronic music scene in Belgium at an early age and got absorbed into the harder sounds of techno.

After spending some time on the dancefloor in Sydney, Nastya has decided to take her spot behind the decks. She learned how to dj in 2021 and in 2022 she played at her first gig.

Since then she has had the honour to support some huge artists such as Charlie Sparks, Rebekah and blk. Last summer Nastya won a dj contest and got to play at Club Vaag in Antwerp, Belgium.

Nastya recently got into music production and also became a resident of Black Noir: her favorite club in Sydney.




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