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Pianist Carmen Man founded the band CarmaMuse in 2012. At first it was a personal project consisting of just piano and vocals. Now the music is completed with the powerful yet fragile voice of singer Vanessa Almeida, the passionate violin bowings of folk violin player Jeroen Bauwens and experimental electronic sounds. The sound is modern, harmonized with jazz chords and immersed in soul, pop, folk and classical music. CarmaMuse brings you songs that tell a story with a melancholic synergy that can easily be used as film scores. The repertoire of the band consists mainly of original compositions complemented with cover songs that have been given a whole new interpretation and unique CarmaMuse twist. In addition to various performances in cultural centra, popular music bars and local festivals, CarmaMuse has performed live at the festival “Suikerrock” in 2017 and on television on “Wakker op Zondag” on ATV in 2012. Most recently the band was selected in 2020 for the AU! -Project of vi.be!


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