CarmaMuse brings you songs that tell a story, all immersed in an cinematic Portugese melancholy atmosphere .

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In 2012, pianist Carmen MAN embarked on a musical journey that would ignite the soul of the band . What began as a solitary exploration of sound blossomed into CarmaMuse, a mesmerizing trio that transcends borders, blending diverse backgrounds with the rich tapestry of classical, cinematic, folk, and Portuguese influences.

At the band's core is the enchanting voice of Vanessa ALMEIDA, her warmth and emotion infusing every note with soul-stirring storytelling. Alongside her, David VAN RANSBEEK's virtuosic violin dances in harmony with Carmen's piano mastery, creating a passionate fusion that defies convention.

But CarmaMuse is more than mere music: it's an immersive experience where experimental electronic soundscapes transport listeners to realms of cinematic wonder. Drawing from a myriad of traditions, our sound is a modern symphony, pulsating with jazz-infused chords that breathe life into every note.

From intimate cultural centers to the grandure of festival stages, CarmaMuse has enchanted audiences with our spellbinding performances. From prestigious events like the Suikerrock Festival to captivating exhibitions like "In the Mood for Love" by Jaouad Alloul, our music has left a mark on hearts and minds of a diverse audience.

In 2020, during the COVID pandemic, we were honored to join the prestigious AU! Project by VI.BE, pushing the boundaries of musical innovation in a first live stream concert. And in 2021 and 2022, our first personal theater project "The Right Skin" became reality in collaboration with multidisciplinary artists to create a transcendent spectacle of music, dance, acrobatics, and visuals.

Our passion led us to the beautiful landscapes of Umbrië in 2023, where we crafted our first Portuguese EP, a testament to our dedication to musical exploration. And in 2024, our dream came true as our music found its place in the cinematic realm, with our song "Circles" serving as the muse for Blake Jongelen's upcoming short film of the same name.

Join us as we continue to weave melodies that transcend boundaries, hearts that resonate with every chord, and dreams that inspire us to reach new heights. This is CarmaMuse - where music meets magic, and every note is an invitation to explore your emotional realm.



  • Carmen MAN

    • 41
    • Antwerpen (BE)

    Stem - Toetsen

  • Vanessa ALMEIDA

    • 36
    • Geraardsbergen (BE)



    • 41

    Strijker - Viool


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