Bubba makes machines for everyone who can't help moving bodyparts (any bodyparts). We have songs about rainbows or going to a museum.

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Bubba makes punkalicious machines for anyone who can't help but moving bodyparts. The band is partly from Ghent, partly from Brussels, partly Ape-genome. We think haplogroup H but we're not sure. The band has an ideocratic sound that combines catchy swinging pop melodies with heavy riffs and funky rap-intermezzos. We have songs about rainbows or going to a museum. In English, Dutch, French. We love other languages as well (German, Arabic, ...) and we will sing one day in these other languages too. The aim of Bubba is "to play as much as possible in order to find an audience that is different from the audience we have now".

Our first album, Fallout in the frenzy, is out since May 19th !!




  • Emma Verstraete

    • 29
    • Gent, België

    Toetsen - Stem

  • Jelle Hemelsoet

    • 38
    • Sint-Jans-Molenbeek (BE)

    Bas - Gitaar - Stem

  • Simon Uyttendaele

    • 38
    • Ghent (BE)

    Drum - Percussie - haiku

  • Koen Bracke

    • 36
    • Ghent (BE)

    Bas - Gitaar

  • Ellis De Vreese

    • 31
    • Gent, België

    Toetsen - Percussie - Stem



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