Play in Bonnefooi, Brussel (28/12)

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Deadline 15.10.22

New call on the VI.BE platform, for Wednesday December 28. We offer the possibility to bands to perform live at Bonnefooi in Brussels.

Play in Bonnefooi, Brussel (28/12)

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Bonnefooi is a legendary bar in Brussels for about 200p with a small club at the back. We have the best Sound System in town from Void Acoustics, a decent amount of equipment and a pro team to welcome you. Open since 2010 the bar welcomes alternative bands from Belgium and abroad to perform. We are open to any genre as long as it's fresh, alternative, exciting.

We are looking for two bands to play on Wednesday December 28. Submit your act through VI.BE platform!


  • Doelgroep: we zoeken bands uit Vlaanderen en Brussel
  • Gevraagd: basisinfo, e-mail, telefoon, bio, 3 tracks, 1 afbeelding, naam groepsleden en instrument groepsleden
  • Vergoeding: vast (€150 + tax per band)