Play at Bonnefooi part #3

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Deadline 06.02.23

Call for two bands to play on March 1st at Bonnefooi in Brussels.

Play at Bonnefooi part #3

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We have our winners

We have our winners for this time, thanks once again all for participating. Next call will be for next season, probably September, stay tuned.

Best of luck to everyone.

The Bonnefooi Team.


DracoBoy is a Belgian rapper-producer born on July 26, 1997 in Brussels. His music is a mix of hip-hop and alternatives vibes. First ep "C.A.S.H" out now.

Omen of Man

Hailing from the vibrant jazz scene of Brussels, 'Omen Of Man' focuses on the spiritual and the trance-like

Thank you 243 times.

Hi everyone,

Thanks for participating ! We'll have the winners announced soon ! More opportunities to come, promised, stay tuned !