Afterparty Club 1030

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Deadline 16.11.22

Club 1030 has a new event planned on 19/11. The program will be filled with artists from the hip-hop genre. After the perfomances there will be a 96 afterparty.

Afterparty Club 1030

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We want to give a Brussels (or active in) hip-hop DJ the opportunity to perform on 19/11 at our afterparty for the Club 1030 event in Schaarbeek. You will perform from 22:00-23:00.

96 gives dj’s freedom in their choice of music and also the chance to tell a story through their set. With your quality as a dj, you treat the audience to an interesting experience.

More info coming on the event page: Club 1030 Editie #2 – Facebook.


  • Doelgroep: we zoeken producers en dj’s uit Vlaanderen en Brussel
  • Genres: hiphop en funk/soul
  • Gevraagd: basisinfo, e-mail, telefoon, volledige bio, 1 mixtape, 1 afbeelding, 1 vraag, naam groepsleden, geslacht groepsleden en locatie groepsleden
  • Vergoeding: vast (€50)