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Viktor is a Belgian-based band playing Alternative Rock.
The combination of inventive song-writing, touching vocals and a straight-forward, punchy rhythm section makes their live performances wild journeys of intimacy.

As said by many: Dilys Cosemans (vocals) and Nina Kortekaas (keys & vocals) are simply born for each other. In 2012, they won the Belgian finals of “Imagine” and traveled to Romania to represent their country, where they ended second place.

Through the years, Viktor not only grew in number, but also in sound. In 2013 they became a trio and recorded their first EP "Child Again", which focused on the established intimate character of the two vocalists. For this EP, they were assisted by producer Werner Pensaert (U2, Hooverphonic, ...) and bass player Jos Machtel (BJO).

Today, Viktor exists of five band-members, with a rhythm section that adds a whole new, punchy dimension to the sound. Not only are goosebumps inevitable during a concert, on top of that the crowd gets blown away by the wall of sound the band projects. To define this new, in-your-face sound, a second EP “Your Eyes” was released in 2017.

Dilys Cosemans (vocals)
Nina Kortekaas (keys + backing vocals)
Vincent Van Santfoort (guitar)
Jef Van Den Abbeele (bass)
Dajo Vlaeminckx (drums)

Contact: viktortheband@gmail.com


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    Track record
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