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Vancos is a well-known project who got inspired by the UK Garage scene.

As one of the only UK Garage producers/dj’s in Belgium, his mission is to bring the UK sound to Belgium.

After falling in love with that typical UK sound, he started making his own music. One of his tracks, My Mistakes, was signed on Ravenous's label "Housified" By Kurious and got featured as a Red Bull Elektropedia Exclusive. His second track Murkin’ is released on the same label.

In 2017 he was in the DJ MANIA finals where he got coached by Kim Mathijs. He got described as one of the most striking finalists who delivered a technically excellent set (Fuzz magazine and Het Belang van Limburg). However, he did not end up in the top 3 but he’s seen as the pioneer of UK Garage music in Limburg.


VANCOSTAPE #3 (DJ MANIA FINALS SET) http#s://soundcloud.com/vancosmusic/vancostape-3-dj-mania-finals-set

“The 20 year old student plays a technically excellent set with all the excitement from the UK Garage” –Het Belang van Limburg “You could not imagine a more beautiful argument for this scene” -Fuzz Magazine


// MY MISTAKES (Red Bull Elektropedia Exclusive) https://soundcloud.com/red-bull-elektropedia/rbexclusive-vancos-my-mistakes

// MURKIN’ https://soundcloud.com/housified-1/vancos-murkin BEATPORT BEST NEW GARAGE/ BASSLINE/GRIME: NOVEMBER # 39


Bookings: Vancosbookings@gmail.com Instagram: Vancosmusic Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/vancosmusic



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