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Tuk Tuk Thailand is a (neo-)Trip-Hop band originally from Bruges, Belgium. The band consists of Alison Salens on vocals, Pierre Lannoy on electronica, keys and guitars and John Bonaparte on electronica and, occasionally, drums.

Though they had been playing together for a few years, the band started off as a home recording project when John began to write, produce and record songs that could fit Alison's voice in 2014, with Pierre joining when playing live . While playing a series of shows throughout Belgium, the band started to elaborate and polish their sound during the following year(s).

Combining influences ranging from Experimental Rock and Synth-Pop to contemporary RnB tunes, Tuk Tuk Thailand definitely sounds like a modern band. However, they still manage to pass on a lot of the "whatever works" and fun spirit of Rock music, especially live, which really characterizes the band.

Newcomer on the Belgian live music scene, Tuk Tuk Thailand's only wish is to take you on a ride on their muddy asiatic tricycle and send you off to drift on intergalactic soundwaves.


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