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Téras is a 4-piece metal band originating near Brussels, Belgium. With a core of thrash metal, Téras is heavily influenced by touches of death- and black metal and isn’t afraid to push the boundaries of genres. They started in 2016 with the immediate release of their debut album Pandora, available on Spotify, iTunes and Apple Music. The album was co-signed and released by Sideburn Records (Bark, Onmens, Your Highness, …) and Consouling Agency (Vonnis, Carneia, Brutus, Hedonist, …). Téras received positive reviews, supported Voivod and played at Antwerp Metal Fest 2018.

Their second album, Broken, Frayed Ends, was recorded at Much Luv Studio (Brutus, Onmens, Barst, …) by producer Tim De Gieter in June 2019, and mastered at West West Side Music (Every Time I Die, Mastodon, Clutch, Nile, …) by Alan Douches.

Broken, Frayed Ends illustrates the evolution in sound of the band. They continue to push the limits with a sonically improved new album.

Reviews (Pandora)

"This album has brains. It takes what is, let’s face it, a limited sub-genre of metal and blows a few boundaries away, with a few dashes from progressive ends of the spectrum, and some bleak death and black metal influence. " (Echoes And Dust, Matt Butler, Oct 13, 2016)

Reviews (AMF)

"Then it was time for Téras, a modern thrash metal band from Brussels. Their set was solid and often reminded me of some of the big names in the early thrash metal scene. The overall quality of the festival seemed to rise fast now, making Téras an early highlight." (Merchants of Air, Serge, Juli, 2018)


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