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SUMMIT - Belgian instrumental post-rock band with self-made hand drawn live-visuals.

"You are standing on the top of a mountain at dusk. Smog of the city below blurs the dark blue sky. The sound of thousands of cars bounces in the valley like a wild river filled with horns and sirens. The gushing sound spirits you away.

Until everything is pitch black and all that's left is silence."

  • Influences: Grails, Isis, Neurosis, Russian Circles, Tool, Year Of No Light, Thrice, And So I Watch You From Afar, Iron Maiden
  • Demo 'Huangdi' Out Now!
  • Debut album coming out in 2019
  • Members from the region of Ghent, Ostend and Aarschot
  • Shared the stage with: BOSSK (UK), Her Name Is Calla (UK), Appalaches (CA), Psychonaut (BE), Signs of Algorithm (BE), Homer (BE), Maudlin (BE), Astodan (BE), Last Of Us (BE), Isaac Valentine (CA), Chiaroscuro (BE)
  • Played legendary Belgian festivals and venues like: Dunk!Festival (Zottegem, BE), Kinky Star (Ghent, BE), OHK (Ostend, BE), 't Vervolg (Leuven, BE), De Kleine Kunst (Ghent, BE), In De Ruimte (Ghent, BE), Den Drummer (Ghent, BE)
  • Playing festivals and clubshows in 2019!

"This seems like another one of those gems slowly germinating through the Belgian soil." - Merchants of Air

"Rarely do visuals and music tell such a cohesive story, a strong ecological message through sounds and visuals" - Appalaches (CA)

"Summit surprised us with a strong mix of instrumental and ethereal post-rock and dark and moody post-metal. Summit has all the necessary climbing tools to reach any top. " - Helvis Belgisch


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    Track record
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