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Seven Oaks creates music that sends out echoes of acoustic singer-songwriter, indie, dream pop, ...

For a long time visual artist Berth Van Poucke lived in the shadows. Until she met the guitars of Nicolas Delfosse (a.o.Red Zebra) and the bass of Bart Parmentier (a.o. Het Zesde Metaal, Lemon, Clear Season). Together they became Seven Oaks . In 2017 they hit the spotlights for the first time by winning the Brugotta Awards for 'coolest band'. Seven Oaks creates music that sends out echoes of acoustic singer-songwriters, indie, triphop, ... The songs came to life in a bedroom somewhere in Bruges. It would be easy to label their music as 'dreampop', but make no mistake: the songs of Seven Oaks singer Berth van Poucke rarely reflect sweet dreams. Rather, they are inspired by the mists that at times tend to blur our perspective on life. They are flowforms of smoke.

That in its turn has become the title of their first EP, produced by Pieterjan Seynaeve.

On stage Seven Oaks comes to life with a solid live band, when Nicolas Vlaeminck (guitars/soundscapes, a.o. Nemo - winner Westtalent 2015), Maarten Biesbrouck (guitars) and Jan De Smet (drums/percussion, a.o. Clear Season) join Berth (vocals) and Bart (basses/soundscapes).


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    Track record
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