Zoë De Smedt, also known as Zowe, is a 22 year old singer/songwriter from Aalst.

    • Pop
    • R&B
    • Solo
  • Aalst


Zoë De Smedt, also known as Zowe, is a singer/songwriter from Aalst. Born in July 2000, she has been mirroring her favorite artists and singing songs since age 8. At age 13, Zowe tapped into her creative side and began to create music from whatever she could find in her house; spoons, forks, and toys. A year later, she received a toy piano from her father and didn’t take long to familiarize herself with the keys and tones. Soonenough, Zowe was playing songs on her piano.

Around 15 or 16, Zowe discovered a new passion; a love for writing songs. She began to write songs about life, experiences, events, and fantasies. A therapy at first, writing turned into a passion with time. Today, Zowe writes and sings to share her talent and stories with the world to entertain hearts and captivate minds.




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