Brusseleir with a love for bass heavy sounds and sushi.

    • Breaks
    • Dubstep
    • Jungle
    • DJ
  • Brussel-Stad


Passionate about travel since a young age, YAVA infuses his sets with the wanderlust that drives him. Though based in Brussels, his Canadian roots add a unique flavor to his musical journey, as he shares the sounds he's encountered along the way. Drawing from a diverse array of electronic influences, YAVA seamlessly weaves together beats to craft an atmosphere that transports listeners.

From iconic venues like Ancienne Belgique to the airwaves of BRUZZ and Kiosk Radio, YAVA's expertise is evident. Whether Canadian or Brusseleir, his identity blurs as he immerses himself in the universal language of music. Expect the unexpected.

Kiosk Radio / Brussel Brost / Ancienne Belgique / Pilar / Museum Night Fever / Bassin Records Show / BRUZZ / KVS / Entree / Minus One Gent / Co-Founder Ambrio / Sound Of Sprouts VI.BE Winner 2020



  • Yannouk Van Dyck

    • 27
    • Brussels (BE)



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