Xtof Calis

Xtof Calis

    • Ambient
    • Minimal
    • Westflemish poetry
    • Producer
    • Solo
  • Watermaal-Bosvoorde


Xtof Calis is the solo project from musician and composer Christophe Calis (°1971, Ypres, Belgium). With laptop, synthesizers, guitar and his voice he creates contemplative and meditative atmospheres. His partly improvised and experimental soundscapes explore the concept of sound-becoming. Sound-becoming is an encouragement to let go the ego and fill the space with an adventurous universe of sound. His latest lyrics are spoken in his native language, Westflemish, a Dutch dialect.



  • Christophe Calis

    • 52
    • Brussels (BE)

    Elektronica - Gitaar


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