Wound Collector

Wound Collector

Wound Collector was founded by composer, saxophonist and grunter Peter Verdonck in 2015. They play epic death metal with an historical twist and a demented sax.

    • Death Metal
    • Progressive Metal
    • Band


Saxophonist & composer Peter has been an all round musician since many years, and has been active in all kinds of musical genres and ensembles. Regardless of his classical training his heart has always been with extreme metal music. Between 2004 and 2009 he was the founder, composer and saxophonist for metal outfit Wretched Vixen, in which technical thrash/death was combined with female vocals and sax. After Wrecthed Vixen was disbanded in 2009, he still kept feeling the urge to create extreme metal music with sax. During Spring 2015 new musicians were found. Kurt Hermans (HERFST, Angeli di Piëtra) was the first to join this new collective on bass, soon followed by Ben Van Pethegem (Sadistic Embrace, Sequoah Shade) on drums. During that Summer the first songs and lyrics were created. In December Guy Van Campenhout (Angeli di Piëtra, Notti del Terrore) joined on the 7-string guitar and rehearsals were started. Their music can be described as epic death metal with an historical twist and a demented saxophone.




  • Peter Verdonck

    • 44
    • Beveren (BE)

    Blazer - Stem - saxofoon

  • Guy Van Campenhout

    • 43
    • Kruibeke (BE)


  • Nico Veroeven

    • 47
    • Stekene (BE)


  • Stijn Deldaele

    • 44
    • Zulte (BE)




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