Wolf Pause

Wolf Pause

Wolf Pause is a hot, herbal tea with a bit of whiskey, poured into songs.

    • Alternative
    • Singer-songwriter
    • Band


Wolf Pause started out as an online soloproject by Matthijs Vanstaen streaming only home recorded demo's. Matthijs has been musically active since 2000 writing, playing and singing different genres in different bands. His passion for music knows no bounderies, hence his urge to be on a stage. Bringing his music to the people is what drives him most.

Early spring of 2014 he hit the studio to record his first full length album 'And The Dogs Sang With Us'. He wrote some arrangements, invited some friends to play on the album and is now working on some new material with his new band consisting of himself on guitar and vocals, Yannick and Hanne on violin and Clémence on cello.

Wolf Pause brings honest, no-nonsense music. Pure and from the heart.




  • Matthijs Vanstaen

    • 33
    • Mortsel (BE)

    Gitaar - Stem


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