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The alternative pop band Whocat is the brainchild of Sara Moonen, and their debut album Joyful Rebellion invites you into her favourite playground.

Joyful Rebellion is an ode to headstrongness, musically coloured by Sara Moonen, with partners-in-crime Joris Lindemans (double bass), Benoît Minon (electric guitar) and Davy Palumbo (drums & percussion). The result is 11 eclectic tracks, presenting different contrasts, capturing moodswings of strong personalities. Genre- and style-compelling, this is a candid album, without shortcuts, symbolising the sound of boisterous minds.

Ever since the founding of the band in 2014, Whocat performed over 150 concerts in Belgium, toured in UK and gigged in France & The Netherlands. After a first EP ‘Blueprints’ (2015), the band proudly presented its new album 'Joyful Rebellion' with a release tour and a highlight concert in AB Club Brussels. After this release tour, Whocat performed on summer festivals such as Blue Balls Festival (Switzerland), Esperanzah Festival, Gaume Jazz festival etc....



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