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Massive waves foreshadow mankind’s fate, to be crushed by its own arrogance. The sounds of destruction arise from the depths of Heaven, shaping the soundtrack of humanity fading ... This drumfire shall be known as Waves Of Decay.

With experienced members/ex-members of Horny Moses, Hope Erodes and Iese/Daase, the wrecking will be brutal!

Waves Of Decay is: Stijn Kustermans - Vocals / Ben Gyles - Drums / Marco Felix - Bass / Markus Vits - Guitars / Arun Rao - Guitars & Keys

All members of Belgium’s Waves Of Decay live and breathe metal in all its forms and styles. The band blends the bits and parts they like in all of metal’s subgenres: the heaviness of death metal, the melodies and the catchiness of heavy metal and the rhythms and electronics of industrial metal. Add to that some addictive grooves and crushing breakdowns, and it’s clear that Waves Of Decay has established its own sound.

- Website : www.wavesofdecay.com

- Mail: info@wavesofdecay.com

- Facebook: www.facebook.com/WavesOfDecay

- Instagram: www.instagram.com/wavesofdecay


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