Waves Of Decay

Waves Of Decay

"A unique and surprising blend of modern thrash, heavy, power and industrial metal"

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Metal band WAVES OF DECAY (Westmalle, Belgium) was formed at the end of 2016 by five experienced musicians who breathe metal in all its forms and styles.

Their style can best be described as “a unique and surprising mix of thrash, heavy, death and industrial metal.”

The first EP “Cycloptic” came out in 2017 and received good reviews from a.o. Aardschok, Hellspawn, Zware Metalen and Lords of Metal.

The second EP “Burn your angel wings” was released in 2021 and continues where “Cycloptic” left off: the heaviness and speed of death and thrash metal, the melodies and the catchiness of heavy metal and the rhythms and electronics of industrial metal remain, but this time some black metal influences were added in the form of blast beats and tremolo picking.

Lyrically, the central theme was “death and transience”.

To sum it up: the “Waves” sound has been established, with its earth-shaking grooves, crushing breakdowns, colourful synth sounds, catchy guitar solos and the powerful voice of Stijn “Stekke” Kustermans.

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  • Stijn Kustermans

    • 44
    • Hemiksem (BE)


  • Ben Gyles

    • 33
    • Malle (BE)


  • Jo Vanarweghen

    • 44
    • 2400 Mol, België


  • Arun Rao

    • 44
    • Malle (BE)

    Gitaar - Keyboards

  • Marco Felix

    • 37
    • Malle (BE)



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