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As a teenager, a youth house in Flanders once elected Jan as ‘the hottest chick’ of the year. This was without their knowledge, at least until it got published in a locally distributed magazine. Homophobic situations such as these were only the beginning of Jan’s understanding on how queer people easily get marginalised. Over the years however, it was exactly their non-conformity that unlocked endless amounts of inner and outer beauty. 15 years later, Jan feels ready to receive their award of ‘hottest chick’ – but this time on their own terms, by producing an album called 'Hottest Chick In Town' with 12 tracks and a theatre performance.

The track 'Entierement' talks about the funeral of their binary self, including saying the goodbyes to all the years lost as performing a different and censored version of themselves while hiding as a queer person. 'Entièrement' is the rebirth of themselves as a non-binary babe.


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