Wall of Fire

Wall of Fire

Wall of Fire is a Brussels/Mechelen based band that captivates audiences with their infectious energy, catchy melodies, and groovy pop-rock-grunge tunes.

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The band

Wall of Fire, formed in 2022, is a pop-rock band from Brussels-Gent-Mechelen. Comprised of three passionate musicians - Lisa, Greg and Mick - the band captivates audiences with their infectious energy, catchy melodies and groovy pop-rock tunes. With each member taking on the role of lead vocalist, Wall of Fire offers a unique and diverse set of songs.

Wall of Fire's sound is infused with elements of Britrock, folk and grunge, resulting in catchy songs, vocally combining the delicacy of Lisa and the power of Mick and Greg.


With the album "Defying Heights" coming out at the end of 2023, and its promotional concerts, Wall of Fire is a rising force to be reckoned with in the pop-rock scene.


"These skilful musicians are a burst of energy that fill the room with joy, fun and emotion. The songs are touching, beautiful and welthought, lead by the beautiful vocals from Lisa." - Members of the Jury @Rockrally JH ODT

"Hold Me Tight is a rock solid song that is somewhat along the lines of Skunk Anansie's quieter songs although the trio has a more subtle sound with more variation. Lisa, by the way, has a great voice that really does carry the song." - Luminousdash

"A richly varied album, alternating between acoustic and electric ambiences, festive and melancholy... To accompany this release from the woods, Wall of Fire has unveiled a first single, in sound and images: "Hold Me Tight". It's a single that immediately brings out the band's complementary vocal and instrumental talents. Low, haunting vocals with guitars at the center. At the crossroads of rock and pop..." - Classic 21




  • Gregory

    • 40
    • 1030 Schaarbeek, België

    Bas - Stem - Andere - Gitaar

  • Michael

    • 37
    • Gent, België

    Bas - Gitaar - Stem

  • Lisa

    • 35
    • Mechelen, België

    Gitaar - Stem


  • Zomerbar-festival

    1840 Londerzeel, België

  • Guingette Francis

    6600 Bastenaken, België

  • Rillaar Festival

    Aarschot, België

  • Titanic

    Herenthout, België


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