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With a voice as intimate as velvet and as sweet as honey, UNIS bring you along on a timeless and unique trip through her dreamy sounds. The Belgian-based singer takes you from sensual R&B to honest Neosoul, then endlessly flies you from one feeling to another.

UNIS is passionate about musical storytelling and you can tell. After going through a hard time and navigating her emotions, she quickly realized that writing felt like therapy for her: “Writing goes easier when I feel sad”, she says. Her music is a way to challenge her deepest fears but also a way to celebrate the happy moments in her life. Her songs feel vulnerable and honest. “Life isn’t just about the lows, it’s also about the highs, and they all deserve a place in my music”.

The upcoming EP “Feelings” refers to this rollercoaster of emotions she experienced. Emotions everyone can relate too, it’s about her fears, her desires and her happy tears.

With her previously released tracks Unis has already showcased her distinctive sound. In 2019 she released her debut single called “Mind”,produced by Polar Youth. The song was very well received, making UNIS a “One to watch” . The beautiful visualizer that accompanied the track perfectly translated the idea behind the lyrics: “Women's empowerment”. In 2020 she blessed us with two more songs “Troubled Minds” that was produced by Kitbogha and “Human”, produced by Dahr. Human came with a videoclip that gave us even more access to her visual world – it feels like daydreaming. In March 2021 she released her first single of the year “Lust” while referring to an upcoming project.

The talented singer quickly got picked up by OLT Rivierenhof, where she performed in July 2020, and De Centrale where she performed in April 2021. Two gigs that confirmed one thing: Unis deserves her place on your radar.

UNIS doesn’t need a lot to impress a crowd. Her warm and sensual voice immediately fill up the whole room. She knows how to captivate the public on her own and she will definitely win your hearts over. The more she sings, the more you get curious and want to enter her mysterious world. Every single one of her performances truly feel like a relaxing journey.

If UNIS didn’t catch your eye yet, she surely will do soon. There is no doubt: UNIS is your next favourite artist.

Her long-awaited debut project “Feelings” will be available on the 9th of July 2021. For now you can stream her music on all streaming platforms.

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