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Tom Kristiaan began music lessons at the age of 9. He always dreamed of playing the piano. He started his classical music education at the Bruges Conservatorium (1984-1992), and later in conservatoriums in Ostend, Courtrai and Bruges (2012-2021). Read full bio here.

He turned his hand to composition and developed his signature style of neoclassical, dreamy melodies, always steeped in a deep sense of melancholy.

When he noticed that his children were humming his pieces, he decided to book a studio and record his first solo album, In Deep Woods (2019). Several tracks from it have been used as film music on Belgian TV.

3 albums followed: Tom's Gymnopédies (EP 2020), his personal interpretation of Erik Satie’s famous Trois Gymnopédies, Glance of You (2021) and Petites danses et reveries (2022), a collection of warm, intimate compositions inspired by the world of dance. A local artist created a unique artwork for each piece. The album reached more than 1 million streams on Spotify and is distributed by the Piano & Nature record label.

3 years on from when he first heard his children humming his melodies, his compositions are streamed in more than 100 countries via more than 2000 playlists.

What people tell ...

"A concert we won't forget! Tom has it: the musical gift to touch people. He touches the sensitive soul inside of you. Pure emotion!"

"Prachtig. Verstilling en verdieping."

"A whole movie passed through my mind! Top!"

"So f*** beautiful. The melancholy is striking: Tom Kristiaan is a poet."

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