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Thurisaz began as a quartet in May 1997, with Peter on guitar and grunts, Mattias on guitar and screams, Pepijn on drums and Lars on bass. In 1999 Kobe joined on synths, an event that defined the sound of Thurisaz in the stages to come. After several demos, the band released it's first full-album Scent of a Dream in 2004. The album sums up the best Thurisaz has to offer: very variated, high standard avantgarde doom-metal with lots of emotion and depth. The reviews were really amazing and no one could really understand why this band hadn't been signed yet. By that time their growing live reputation gained access across the borders, which finally resulted in a European tour with doomlegends Novembers Doom (US) and Saturnus (DK). Soon after the tour the band signed a labeldeal with Shiver Records, who will be releasing two albums. In the winter of 2006 Thurisaz crashed the studio again to record their second masterpiece "Circadian Rhythm", which was released by Shiver in april 2007. The album was critically well acclaimed throughout the metalpress and confirmed the band's status as an upcoming European metaltalent. The band promoted the album as much as they can, with as highlights a US-and EU-tour and a spot on the prestigious Graspop Metal Meeting. In 2011, with a the bassplayer Hannes and an endorsement by Mayones Guitars, Thurisaz released their third full-length "The Cimmerian Years". The album was once again recorded in the CCR-studio and is released by Sleaszy Rider Records.

In 2015 they released 'The Pulse Of Mourning', a studio album and masterpiece as well. In the same year they played a unique concert @ their hometown Wervik. They released a special cd/dvd 'Live & Acoustic'.

At this moment (2019) they are busy with producing some new songs and a new album. The new album will be probably released in May 2020 !


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