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THIS KID was founded by drummer Gerben and vocalist Steven in May 2010. Laurens and Jens joined forces later on guitars and backings, and so did Stef, taking up bass duties. Some would put the weirdest things before the word "core" to label our music. THIS KID just calls it metal. Loud, energetic, punchy metal. Unconventional metal. With hooks. No 9-minute twinsolo's or elves falling from grace here. Bits of Killswitch Engage, Thrice, Refused, Rage Against The Machine and The Bronx, all in one song. These lunatics-on-a-mission spent the better part of 2011 playing shows and making songs, then released their debut album "Covering The Tracks" in May 2012. Sophomore EP "Stitches" will be released in December 2013!


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