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These Mountains Are Ghosts came to light in the spring of 2010, with ex-members from the new-school hardcore band .Ender and the post-rock band Koan. TMAG's music is most accurately described as hardcore with metal influences, complex riffs and the occasional odd beat combined with thunderous vocals. In the autumn of 2010 they recorded a five-song demo which is still available as a free download. This demo was well received in the press, with highly rated reviews in RifRaf, Cutting Edge and RMP among others. Owing to this demo, the band got picked up by the Funtime Records label, and released their first full album "Demon Horde". TMAG have been fortunate to play at many great festivals, with highlights such as RioRock '11, Ziggypop '11, RMP fest '11, Rockfest '12, Funtime Fest '12, Ieper Winterfest '12, Rock Herk '13 and Gentse Feesten '13, and have supported acts such as Steak Number Eight (MOD '11), Gallows (MOD '12), Drums Are For Parades (Kavka '12), Diablo Blvd (Fuego, '12), Black Cobra and Bison BC (Magasin 4 '13). In April 2015 the band released a 12" vinyl entitled "Legacy Of War", a concept album about Hannibal and his involvement in the Second Punic War, during which he marched his army with war elephants over the Pyrenees and Alps to crush the Roman enemies in Italy. Expect to hear stampeding drums, infuriated guitars, earth-shattering bass and spine-chilling battle cries. Bookings: bookings@thesemountainsareghosts.com info@ruffstuff.be (RuffStuffMusic) Purchase "Demon Horde" and "Legacy Of War": http://thesemountainsareghosts.bigcartel.com/ http://thesemountainsareghosts.bandcamp.com/

Info: info@thesemountainsareghosts.com http://www.funtimerecords.com/ http://www.ruffstuff.be/


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