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A punker from Deinze, a nerd from Ghent, and a sweetheart from Aalst decided to join forces to make indierock music. The results were incredible. Not only did they discover the secrets to the meaning of life (aka, the number 42), they also learned how to make good coffee and how to set up a PA.

(They also discovered that you can't make it in these modern times without setting up a a bunch of webpages, even though it's sometimes really a drag.)

To get to the point: we are proud to present you the best, not-really-punky-or-nerdy-or-sweet, indierockband (it's more kinda sad and depressing because that's the way indierock sounds right?) that's out there. As far as we're aware off. And we don't know a lot. Except maybe the meaning of life.

Think about it.


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