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The Mary Hart Attack arose in 2013 from the recording of the credit roll track of the documentary ‘Cells’. After the studio recording the trio decided to continue working together.

The band name refers to a psychological condition that 80's TV babe Mary Hart induces in susceptible viewers. TMHA is basically a modern day post-punk band with leanings towards shoegaze, indie and drone.

'The Falling Sun' (April 2017) on 'Greedy Eyes' is their first full album. It comes two years after the EP 'A Dark Green Light', which came on 'Oddie Records'. http://oddierecords.be/ In April 2016 the band was victim of theft. Their rehearsal room got emptied completely. But now one year later they are completely back in business!

You can listen to The Falling Sun here: https://themaryhartattack.bandcamp.com/

It is available via http://shop.geneticmusic.de/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=144

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