The Green Mean Machine

The Green Mean Machine

Contemporary jazz quartet from Ghent.

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The Green Mean Machine is a dynamic jazz quartet that was founded in 2019. The four members of the band first met in Ghent, where they discovered a shared love of jazz and experimental music. Their music is characterized by its free-flowing improvisation and infectious energy by striving for the same sense of freedom and playfulness that characterized Miles Davis' Second Quintet.

The members of GMM - Werend Van Den Bossche (Dishwasher_), Warre Van de Putte (Don Marsh V), Marcos Della Rocha (Kolonel Djafaar) & Zjef Van Steenbergen (Broes) - create a sound that is both powerful and playful, incorporating elements of jazz, classical music & folk.

The Green Mean Machine recently released their debut EP, "The Engine." The EP features five tracks that showcase the band's unique sound and musical sensibility.




  • Werend Van Den Bossche

    • 29
    • Gent (BE)

    Blazer - Alto Saxophone

  • Warre Van de Putte

    • 27
    • Gent (BE)

    Blazer - Tenor Saxophone

  • Zjef Van Steenbergen

    • 29
    • Gent (BE)


  • Marcos Della Rocha

    • 38
    • Gent (BE)



  • Hot Club Gent

    Gent (BE)

  • Bijloke

    Gent (BE)

  • Bar Bricolage

    Gent (BE)

  • Miry concertzaal

    Gent (BE)


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