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It all began on a dark and misty night somewhere in 2013. Three mentally disordered jerks found each other on the outskirts of a town called Denderleeuw. In a rotten town like Denderleeuw there's no place for a bunch of raving morons to hang out, so they decided to hang out with each other and start a rock 'n roll band. After a visit to the local dumpster, a liquor store and an unauthorised drug dealer they were ready to produce some dipshit tunes. After a couple of rehearsals they relocated to an abandoned attic to record their neurotic tunes themself. Now they are looking for help from other imbeciles to keep riding the waves of lunacy far beyond the boundaries of sanity. Distribution, production, bookings, reviews,... Anything that can help them spread the dipshit disease.

Contact: the.dipshits.band@gmail.com


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