Tessa Dixson

Tessa Dixson

singer-songwriter blablabla alternative / pop, blabla art / music bla

    • Ambient
    • Pop
    • Alternative pop
    • Solo


Brussels-based, singer/songwriter, Tessa Dixson walks a fine line between alternative and pop music.

After her first album ‘Genesis’ where techno songs, pop bangers and acapella ballads intertwined, Tessa Dixson is back with a new project that feels more fragile. The topics of the EP vary from demise to new found love, to lies and truths and will transport you to a futuristic-alt pop-fairy world where her pure rawness shines through. Tessa Dixson’s research into computer software sounds feel more prominent this time around as she experiments with pitch modification, voice distortion and vocal chops. This project definitely feels more personal as you dive into the deep trenches of Dixson’s mind and will shine a light on her open vulnerability and deep honesty.

Influenced by 2000’s pop princesses and artists such as Marina Abramovi?, Tessa pays great attention to her visual identity and is a true performer when seen on stage. Strong collaborations with Belgian artists such as Romeo Elvis or Warhola have put her on the map all over Belgium as one of the most exciting pop acts.



  • Tessa Dixson

    • 26
    • Brussel (BE)

    Stem - yodel


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