Post-metal / post-rock trio, loyal in their slavery to riff & groove

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    • Progressive Metal
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  • Gent


Tarmak is a post-rock / post-metal trio from Ghent (Belgium), born in the year 2014. In May 2020, they finally came out of their mancave, on a mission to gently melt people's faces off with their debut record 'PLOW'. In 2024, a full album will come out.

They are on a never-ending quest to seek (and find) their own unique mix of heaviness and atmosphere. Their constant search is driven by influences from Tool, Russian Circles, Pelican, Isis, Cult of Luna, Porcupine Tree, ...

Not unlike a good old piece of literature, a Tarmak song is made up of chapters that build on each other, while the odd plot twist or cliffhanger keeps you on your toes. Storytelling is ultimately at the heart of what they do, which is why a Tarmak gig is also a visual experience (with custom-made live video's for every song).

DaMusic - A fine debut, this 'PLOW', and a band to keep an eye out for. Hopefully we can spot them on the big Dunk!festival stage next year. Exactly a year after this release, it would be nice.

Echoes and Dust - As a dynamic trio I can’t help but think of Russian Circles. Tarmak may take some cues from the Illinois three-piece, but there seems to be a lot more space overall in the four tracks on Plow, especially on the lengthier tracks ‘Krater’ and ‘Krampus’. With some riffs that crunch like Helmet or Melvins but which then drift, distractedly, into semi-psyche pastures before pulling themselves together again to fit into a sound reminiscent of the more contemporary Pelican output, Tarmak traverse a lot of ground indeed, but all through inter-related textures and sounds that quite easily and obviously complement one another. Nothing is too jarring, but their compositions are clearly extremely well thought out and intent on challenging the listener.




  • Sander

    • 32
    • Gent, België


  • Geert

    • 39
    • Gent, België


  • Lukas

    • 29
    • Gent, België


  • Simon

    • 31
    • Sevilla, Spanje

    Drum - A founding father of the band (but moved to Spain in 2021)



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