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Real name: Samuel-Sunday Saviye

Artist name: SUNiMAN

Born and brought up in Ostend Belgium and also where he is currently living.

He started doing music in primary school when the school discovered he could actually Rap. He surprised his mother about his talents of singing and rapping during their school party.

His mother then registered him for The voice kids Belgium. He performed billionaire from Travie McCoy ft Bruno Mars in the blind auditions. He then managed to reach the battles where he did quite well despite not winning the battle.

2 years after that he started calling myself 'Lil Trip'.

With this name Samuel collaborated with a famous French-Belgian artist called Loïc Nottet..

They made the song called Dirty. (Mind you , he was only 14 years old so his voice still sounded very young) GO check it out.


Since then, those events gave him confidence and made him fall in love with music even more.

Samuel can sing and rap. He also writes his own music.

He has written alot of songs which are yet to be published, he has also performed in different places with friends and others.

He is currently studying Audiovisual and film which has made it possible for him to edit his own videos.


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