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SUMMIT - Belgian instrumental post-rock band with self-made hand drawn live-visuals.

  • Influences: Grails, Isis, Black Sabbath, Neurosis, Russian Circles, Tool, Year Of No Light, Thrice, Cave In, And So I Watch You From Afar
  • Live at Dunk!Festival EP Out Now !
  • Debut album coming out in 2022
  • Members from the region of Ghent, Ostend and Aarschot
  • Shared the stage with: BOSSK (UK), Her Name Is Calla (UK), Appalaches (CA), Psychonaut (BE), Signs of Algorithm (BE), Homer (BE), Maudlin (BE), Astodan (BE), Last Of Us (BE), Isaac Valentine (CA), Chiaroscuro (BE), Mother (BE)
  • Played legendary Belgian festivals and venues like: Dunk!Festival (Zottegem, BE), Kinky Star (Ghent, BE), Paulusfeesten (Ostend, BE), In De Ruimte (Ghent, BE), OHK (Ostend, BE), 't Vervolg (Leuven, BE), De Kleine Kunst (Ghent, BE), Den Drummer (Ghent, BE)
  • Playing festivals and clubshows in 2022!

"This seems like another one of those gems slowly germinating through the Belgian soil." - Merchants of Air

"Rarely do visuals and music tell such a cohesive story, a strong ecological message through sounds and visuals" - Appalaches (CA)

"Summit surprised us with a strong mix of instrumental and ethereal post-rock and dark and moody post-metal. Summit has all the necessary climbing tools to reach any top. " - Helvis Belgisch


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