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"Brothers by blood, brothers by heart. Society can't tear our bond apart." - That's the motto of Stucker

Five guys with their own story got together for 1 purpose: 'To fill the world with energy that has been lost since the 90s'

The first time Stucker jumped on stage they made all car alarms ring, just to let everyone know they're here! Even police came but the music never stopped.

When looking for a singer they made personalised beer coasters and spread them in every bar and record store in town. The birthday of the bass player came with a special gift, on that day they've met their lead singer who completed the gang.

Now you know, whenever the music is to loud, it might just well be Stucker's around!

Mainly influenced by: Arctic Monkeys, Queens of the Stone Age, Viper, the Strokes, Interpol,…


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