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    • Metal
    • Hardrock
    • Band
  • Laakdal


STELLARBONE is the musical project of Dries Mangelschots and Niels Dzintar. They have earned their stripes by playing in various bands throughout the years (e.g.: The maple room). With hundreds of live shows, multiple tours and some studio albums to their name, they have the experience and fuel to feed the fire that is STELLARBONE. Their home base is Niels Dzintar's home studio ( where they write and record songs between the 2 of them. Collaboration is a trademark for STELLARBONE as the idea is to work together with different singers for each new song. However, their first single 'Vintage River' was done solely by Dries and Niels as a pilot in april 2020. After that, they released a new single every few months and plan to keep doing so.

The foundation of STELLARBONE is a 2 man band, meaning that for songwriting and studio Dries takes care of guitars and Niels tracks drums and bass. In 2021 Niels and Dries started the search for new members to complete the band to be able to play live. The band has been formed and STELLARBONE is now hitting the stages with a five piece band. The search for a live drummer was short but very fruitful; Stefan De Cnodder is the rhythmic backbone of the band with his tight and technical drum skills. He is also active as a frontman in Band Marginal and as a drummer in Metal Circus. Secondly we needed a singer who could take on clean vocals as well as screaming vocals, hard to find but we knew Teun Van Aerschot (also singer of Generation 84) could handle the job with ease. Teun is our frontman and someone we fully trust to perfectly translate all of our songs during a live performance. Lastly we found Kenneth Vergison as a 2nd guitar player, he knows his instrument inside out and is able to complete our sound to detailed perfection. And to conclude, Dries plays guitar and Niels is the bass player in the live setup.




  • Dries Mangelschots

    • 40
    • Laakdal (BE)

    Gitaar - Songwriter / Guitars / Vocals

  • Niels Dzintar

    • 40
    • Balen (BE)

    Bas - Songwriter / Bass / Drums

  • Teun Van Aerschot

    • 36
    • 2260 Westerlo, België

    Stem - Vocals (live)

  • Kevin Bloemen

    • 39
    • 3990 Peer, België

    Drum - Drums (live)

  • Jelle Van Rethy

    • 38
    • 2450 Meerhout, België



  • Kid's Rhythm 'n' Blues Kaffee @ Antwerp (+ TBA)

    Antwerpen, België


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