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Stefan Dixon is a South African singer/songwriter currently residing in Brussels, Belgium. Dixon has been living the life of a musician since 2002 – playing gigs all over South Africa, slowly emerging as one of the most prolific singer-songwriters and performers on the South African music scene today and has performed at almost every music festival, venue and sweaty bar throughout the country. His songs are strong, emotive artworks infused with beautiful melodies. The music can best be described melodic/acoustic/pop/rock with an afro/folk edge.

Stefan’s debut album ‘For no apparent reason was released in 2010 under critical acclaim through Universal Music and was received with great enthusiasm throughout South Africa and getting reasonable airplay on most radio stations in his home country.
The title of the album has been travelling with Dixon for several years now… and not for no apparent reason. It alludes to his recurring theme of making sense out of his journey – “The more I gig, the more I'm on the road, the clearer it all gets. I only doubt myself once or twice monthly these days. It used to be a daily occurrence,” he explains.

In 2014 Stefan relocated to Brussels, Belgium seeking new inspiration, influences, knowledge and general life experience to increase his songwriting capabilities and focus on his guitar playing.

"South Africa's most underrated singer-songwriter" - Channel24


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