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Marvin started in the mid-70s as a guitarist with the punk rock band Trampolino from Ghent, then played with Luk Bral, together they established the Plastic Dreamband and made a single. In the mid-80's Marvin makes a solo-album produced by Kevin Ayers, with whom he goes on the road in the 90's, as an acoustic duo. Around the millennium, the Starvin Marvin Band joined the ranks, and they often played in Japan and the UK, i.a. Canterbury festival (2001), Queen Elisabeth Hall (2002), The Astoria (2003) and The Cavern (2003). They performed together for the last time at the Ghent Festivities, after which Kevin Ayers disappeared for good with the Southern sun.

Another too little known bomb full of talent is the Starvin Marvin Band. That the man was Kevin Ayers' companion for many years does not pay him much credit. That the media pays too little attention to this music genre, actually typifies the lack of a broad perspective of various program makers. Starvin Marvin may not want to be a commercial product, his music, it touches. A strong band with strong songs. A great sound. Music that undeniably lingers. Here is a band with a lot of craft! (William Souffreau ~ 2009)

The Starvin Marvin Band continues to perform with great enthusiasm, sometimes even in the UK, and pays a lot of tribute to Kevin Ayers now and than. Marvin is mostly occupied with recording songs and producing bands in his studio. And compiling CD's, such as "The Happening Combo", released in the UK in 2017, with some great reviews on the net.

Read more about the fortunes with Kevin Ayers in the archive of the Ayers Fanzine WAWS (Why Are We Sleeping):


==> press Archive top left / see Gig Reviews from 1993 untill 2004


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