Atmospheric Doom, signed to Argonauta Records

    • Post-rock
    • Doom Metal
    • Sludge
    • Band
  • Temse


Splendidula is an atmospheric doom collective from Belgium, formed in 2008. A cocktail of traditional doom and blistering sludge, post-metal grooves and psychedelia drones. Prepare to be spellbound as you enter an immersive realm, where dreamy visuals and decorations adorn the stage. Splendidula effortlessly blends genres to create a unique and captivating sound. Big riffs meet pounding beats with atmospheric passages that will lead you into a wild, heavy and psychedelic wonderland. The bewitched chants by vocalist Kristien and the harsh screams from guitarist Guy create a unique vocal contrast.

The self-titled debut album was recorded at Jonathas Studio and released in 2013. The second album “ Post Mortem” was recorded by JDB and mixed/mastered by Hearse Studio. The album was released on CD in 2018, in collaboration with Inverse Records and on vinyl in 2019 by Dust & Bones Records. The third album "Somnus" was recorded by JDB at Kosmik Womb, mixed by Tim De Gieter at Much Luv Studio and mastered by grammy-award winning engineer Alan Douches at West West Side Music. "Somnus" was released on CD, vinyl & digital by Argonauta Records on January 29th 2021, and on tape by Ruidoteka Records on October 1st 2021.


Rock 'N' Load (9/10): "Splendidula has created something that is so much more than an album, this is an emotional experience."

Time For Metal (9.2/10): "A hardly comparable ritual mixture of Doom and Sludge, very spiritual and yet full of heavyness."

Distorted Sound (9/10): "A varied melting pot of excellent, captivating music, their greatest and most impressive output to date."

Soil Chronicles (9.75/10): "Increases emotions with its power and solemnity, a total masterpiece of light and shadow."

World Of Metal (9/10): "Something between doom and sludge, but much more than that, recommended to consume."

Metal Addiction (9/10): "Darkness and forcefulness, strong and slow rhythms, very careful compositions."

Musika (9/10): "A record full of variety and surprising elements, we dare to use the term masterpiece."

La Grosse Radio (9/10): "A unique and hypnotic identity, a remarkable release at the start of the year."




  • Joachim Taminau

    • 35
    • Temse (BE)


  • Kristien Cools

    • 38
    • Temse (BE)


  • Guy Van Campenhout

    • 43
    • 9150 Kruibeke, België

    Gitaar - Stem

  • Kim Van Stichel

    • 45
    • Aalst, België


  • Bart Deroissart

    • 31
    • Gent, België




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