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“You can call this the XXX version of Daft Punk meets Fear Factory. There’s a bright future ahead for his duo.” – ROCK TRIBUNE “This deserves to be played at maximum volume so you can feel it’s power.” DARK ENTRIES “It's Pendulum meets Combichrist meets ... let's say Rammstein, or Metallica. Most of all, it's bloody awesome, although I have no idea how to both dance and bang my head at the same time...” – MERCHANTS OF AIR “The Sound Of Belgium 2018” Really? Hell no! But it sounds cool, doesn’t it? It’s like Channel Zero and Netsky having a baby. Spankraght’s goal? Be the band that could play on Graspop and Tomorrowland. Will that ever happen? No one knows but it has been the mission since the masked duo started in 2015. And for two years they perfected their sound and image. Everything was done with a strong DIY mentality. Their masks, light set-up, music recording,…, all trial and error. Often returning to the drawing board and starting from scratch again. But why waste more words? Just listen to Spankraght’s first EP and find out for yourself what they are all about. We can try to explain as much as we want but the only way to really know is to experience the sound of Belgium 2018. Do it now!


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