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Soulboys vs Rudeboys... A supreme DJ team to make you swing to the vintage reggae beat!

Mr Fried G, a long time record enthusiast and reggae lover, founded this organisation in 2009 and has been playing all over Europe ever since. This man is really the busiest DJ in the Belgian vintage reggae scene. Many DJ's and bands from all over the world have been performing on his Soulboys vs Rudeboys events.

Since 2013 he decided to take some more DJ's under his wings. So Mr. Dingaling, The Steaming Peanut and The dukes of Skazzard joined the Soulboys vs Rudeboys Crew.

Mr Dingaling and The Steaming Peanut are two die hard record collectors that will bring you the most obscure and hard to find tunes from the late 60's and early 70's.

The Dukes of Skazzard, who already earned their stripes as JB-Sound, are a versatile team that will bring you vintage reggae..from ska to roots.

So, whether performing as a crew or each team on their own, Soulboys vs Rudeboys is a guarantee for real vintage reggae vibes that will move any crowd! Come check it out!


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