Sofya Qessa

Sofya Qessa

Singer/ Songwriter

    • Blues
    • Pop
    • R&B
    • World music
    • Producer
    • Solo
    • Band
  • Mechelen


Qessa pronounced 'Qissa' means story in arabic as Sofya likes to tell stories of life.

Born in Brussels and raised between Belgium and Morocco, she is a self-thaught and independant Singer/Songwriter whose style is a mix of World Music, Blues and RnB with a pinch of Popfolk.

As a child of cultural diversity, Sofya writes in three languages lyrics inspired by social, personal and inner experiences where feelings evolve like a cycle of change.

Her multi-coloured voice resonates in soulful atmospheres of vibrant and warm tones, sometimes intimate, sometimes piercing and often touching.

With her debut single 'Salam', Sofya tells the epilogue of an emotional journey.

'...Wanneer je Sofya hoort zingen weet je dat ze het meent.' Felix Sandon - Luminous Dash Muziekzine




  • Sofya Qessa

    • 43
    • Mechelen (BE)



  • Louvain plage

    Leuven, België

  • Centre Culturel de Hannut

    4280 Hannuit, België

  • Zomer in het Park

  • Kweek van de streek

    Mechelen, België

  • Sofloti piano Bar

    Luik, België


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